Why do men cheat?

  This is a very serious topic, I met this lady today, and she did told me how her 5 year relationship went sour because the guy cheated. How could he? I know for sure guys can’t stand when their girlfriends look at other guys not to talk of cheating. This century, nawa ooo. I’m … More Why do men cheat?

Hmm, Wizkid was nominated for the grammy award.

Our 26 year old superstar, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid, was nominated for the big Grammy award. The best part is that he’s Nigeria’s first hip-hop Grammy nominee. Is that not interesting? He’s doing us proud, I mean, really proud, and as always he flies higher than his peers. We pray this would not … More Hmm, Wizkid was nominated for the grammy award.


I have been so sick, yeah! it was so scary  when i got rushed to the hospital on December 1st, I was so sick that I got some treatment and drugs which i still have to continue taking for 2 weeks, anyways i’m much better now.  i missed you guys so much, i couldn’t wait to … More I’M BACK!