Guess who survived a Brain tumor?

Have you seen SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT? our popular Abimbola craig acting the role Tiwa, shared her testimony, you see this life has its ups and downs. Who would ever think of such? Benign neoplasm of pituitary gland and craniopharyngeal duct, that’s way too surprising.

But thank God she survived, she was born to Oluseyi and Barrister Roli Craig, she attended Starland primary school, and then went to Airforce Comprehensive school , she attended University of Buckingham, where she studied Law  graduated with a Second class LLB degree, she practiced for 7 years in total, and right now she is a Producer in NDANI tv.

Tiwa by the way is a girl that is trying to get rid of her excess fat, finding the right man and ofcourse trying to balance all that with her On Air Communication Job.

Check out this amazing series, they soon get you addicted.


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