5 types of house-mates.

  • THE CHILD– If you are not careful, people might just call you iya jumoke, why? because this your housemate refuse to grow up, refuse to take responsibility for him/herself, this person would regress to stage “mummy i want candy better still i want breast”, I do understand that some people can be a little child-like, but in this case this one is worse, they can’t cook , they don’t know where to hold the handle of the broom. They might even want you to rock them till they sleep, it is that bad.
  • THE VERY LOUD– You see this kind of person all they want is attention, and they think that random screaming, laughing like they are suffering from hysteria, slamming the door like it’s their father’s property, or can even go as far as drumming the door( I’ve seen this one) and blasting the music like they are in a club. This type of housemate has no courtesy whatsoever,and if you still don’t give them attention they would try another thing that would really piss you off at the end.
  • THE NEAT FREAK/OCD-There’s a thin line between very neat and the obsessively neat person, i support cleanliness because cleanliness is part of faith, but some housemates just go overboard
  • THE DIRTY FREAK– This one is almost like the child just that they have little brain cells than the child, this kind of person is allergic to a neat place, always throwing tissues around, gum the chewing gum on a chair, leave dishes lying around all the time,rolling papers in between the chairs and the list goes on and on.
  • THE BIPOLAR– You could swear that this person still gave you their biscuit yesterday, but what suddenly happened today when they roll their eyes at you when you asked them a simple question?, this one is especially annoying because they keep you on your toes because you don’t know what to expect each time you come across them.      Which of these have you came across or coming across?

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