Are you lazy like me? This is for you


I wanted to skip today’s blog, i didn’t feel like writing anything up till now, i have been sleeping all-day like i got bitten by a Tsetse fly.When i did woke up my eyeballs got twice larger, i didn’t notice it at first until someone said that “why does your eyes wanna pop out? do you want to eat that with your swallow?”, it was so embarrassing, that i had to really squint my eyes like someone who is slicing an onion, and when i finally look in the mirror, my eyes were larger indeed so i said to myself that these Korean women that wants big eyeballs should sleep more in the afternoon rather than spending money on cosmetic surgery .I promise them that they are so gonna get a very big eyes after 3 days of full stretched afternoon nap, or what do ya all think?

Back to today’s topic, are you lazy? Do you have loads of work to do and you don’t even know where to start from? If you are someone like me that is specially skilled at being lazy, that the time you spend finding how to get into a rut  is equivalent to the time you would actually use to get the work done, then this is for you

Video by superwoman:

Click Video-


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