Why do men cheat?


This is a very serious topic, I met this lady today, and she did told me how her 5 year relationship went sour because the guy cheated. How could he? I know for sure guys can’t stand when their girlfriends look at other guys not to talk of cheating.

This century, nawa ooo. I’m beginning to take this personal, just because of some girl, he jeopardized  five years of hard work? I wonder where this world is going to. Yes, temptations are here and there, but the guy literally thought about it, and still jumped into bed with another woman. When you are about to cheat, you still need brain cells  to think and calculate it. I don’t want to hear that ‘eeeh guys are the visual type’, duh? He could made the choice to put an end to the relationship, instead of making the poor lady feel like a rag. A five year old child would have been in primary school. I know for sure that when this lady meets another guy, she would think twice before she agrees to enter into a relationship with him. Trusting another man would be so difficult for her, and she might not even want to invest lots of emotions and energy into a new relationship.

Why do men cheat? Do you have an answer? Or like me do you think it is due to selfishness? Don’t get me wrong, girls cheat too, but for what reason? What I think is that, whether you are a boy or girl, if anyone cheats, they should be named criminals. The government should make cheating a criminal offense, because the person is obviously giving the other person angina, which can lead to myocardial infarction.

Comment in the section box below, what do you think about my suggestions? Do you have an answer to anyone of my questions?


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