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On December 6th 2016 by 5:42pm, i was watching the review of “on becoming” by Toke makinwa, before this thing happened, at first i was crossing my left leg on the bed when the shaking of my bed began, i was even thinking someone was pranking me sef , but i thought to myself that, that wouldn’t be the case since i was the only one inside, then later i was now thinking that maybe it was my leg that was shaking that i was just hallucinating.

My brothers and sisters, i couldn’t wait to think another absurd thought before the shaking became even stronger, i just kukuma tap myself and said, Becky stop dreaming this is reality, fight or fright?i can’t still remember . The kind race wey i pick go outside, i’m sure Usain bolt  would give me an award for that, on getting to the sitting room, my housemate that was lying on the couch flew like a housefly to meet me. We made our way to the front of our apartment on getting outside our neighbors across began to shout, you don’t want to see what i was wearing, i was still trembling from the experience but the part of my brain that deals with fashion was very much active and it told me to pick a gown from the rope and pillow case to add to the the weird cloth i was wearing and to cover my hair respectively,  you see? even when i thought the world was going to end  i still want to look fine for jesus, who i epp? like seriously, and that isn’t all, my so called neighbors made me almost believed Jesus was already here with the way they were screaming, now compared to the earthquake, their sound quake just drove me in because i just saw that some people drama started from where mine stopped. I just came in to glue to my friend incase anything happens, you know when they say 2 heads are better than one. LOL.

Rabbids scared shocked rabbit terrified




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