Does this sound familiar? Or am I the only one?

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  1. I’m totally terrified of Lightning  and thunder I do not know if this is just me or something normal, I literally go into praying mode whenever this is happening. Then, I just freeze even when it is not mannequin challenge. Then I just tell God that ‘One more chance, I will read my bible daily, I will go to church more often, etc.’ Like something will happen to me when there’s lightning.
  2. Uhmmm, apologies to my family and friends, you might feel like punching me if you read this. You know those times I don’t reply on time, or take days to finally reply your message, it’s not because I just wanted to ignore your messages. I just really suck at taking my phone, and checking my messages. It’s almost as if reading the message late is not enough, but I’m also lazy to think of the reply to type.
  3. Maybe this one is not just me, but mine can be a little extreme. Short attention span…one minute I can be into something and enjoying the moment. Guess what? The very next minute I really don’t want to do it, and it continues until I find something to motivate me. The sad thing is that it can take me weeks to months to finally do it again, just like writing my blog, even when I force myself I don’t see myself doing it.
  4. I over analyze everything, think deep? From how taking a short nap now will prevent me from falling asleep at night, to why I should choose a green color of a product rather than yellow. Counting the pros and cons of everything, and that includes major life decisions. Perhaps Google can help me out.
  5. Taking bread and tea tricks me into feeling sick, and I keep wondering why? Whether I take It in the morning, afternoon or at night, it doesn’t change the fact I would feel sick even when I’m not actually sick.

I’m writing all these with thunder and lightning happening. Oh! The irony

Which one sounds like yours? Comment below


2 thoughts on “Does this sound familiar? Or am I the only one?

  1. LOL. Number 4 is definitely me. I can so over analyze! And the pros and cons list is always readily available for everything. Numbers 1 & 2 though, LOL! And it sucks to know my fave meal makes you feel sick 😦 😦

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