Menstrual cramps, ladies?

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I’m going to be having an interview with an acquaintance talking about menstrual cramps. If you’ve been there you just have to admit that it is not an easy something. Girls dey try no be small.

Me: Good evening, may I borrow some of your time please ?


Me: Thanks. Let me go straight to the point, do you experience menstrual cramps?

Acq: Yes I do

Me: How bad is it?

Acq: Very bad.

Me: Wow, I’m sorry about that.

Acq: It’s okay, I guess that’s the price we have to pay for being women.

Me: That’s true. laughs. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 as the worst, rate the pain.


Me: So, what have you done about it?

Acq: I’ve tried relaxing techniques, hot water bath, exercise among others

Me: since when?

Acq: Hmmm, for like 3 years now

Me: Any improvement?

Acq: Little or none

Me: Currently ?

Acq: I found out about Ponstan forte during menstruation, especially the first 2 days, and it really really helped a lot.

Me: I’m happy you finally found a way.

Acq: (laughs), I’m so glad too.

Me: This will be the end of the interview, thanks so much for your time…

Acq: You’re welcome, anytime.

Ponstan forte is the wonder drug, hmmm, I am so going to be using it, I learnt something new today.

Thanks for visiting, comment down below if you have any tips on how to improve menstrual cramps, most women suffer in silence.





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