Healthy tips to grow natural hair

Okay, so I have been on natural hair for a month now and I have been cultivating  a new hair regimen, giving my hair more time and attention it requires. It exposed me to a lot of things I never knew about my hair, I’m getting to accept the natural me through thick and thin. Moreover, it’s an extension of myself, so it’s a must I care for it.

So I would be posting some pictures and videos below that I use as my routine , but I do not use everything of course. So if you are thinking of getting a transition or already have a natural hair, these might be helpful to you in one or two ways.

natural hair care tips and tricks

natural hair care tips and tricks

1.Avoid or reduce using heat on your hair.

2.Deep condition every 7-10 days

3.Water spray is your best friend, spray water on your hair every single day. 

4.Massage scalp  once or twice in a week.

I do these , and the strands are really strong and shiny and that’s really encouraging.

Watch video- how to grow natural hair


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