Yvonne okoro is now a comedian

Few months ago I was surfing my instagram page, so I stumbled over this  funny intelligent actress Yvonne Okoro. She is obviously endowed by mother nature, by now you should know what I mean.

Image result for yvonne okoro

I laughed all through when I was checking her pictures,

The ball is in our court.


 As some were  sarcastic.


Is she trying to tell us something?lol


Abi! What can a girl do?

1242644160184356475_220860034And this one is for the perfect gentlemen



She also played a very funny character in REBECCA, movie filled with passion, suspense and romance. She acted alongside with very our own Joseph benjamin. Watch the short clip of the movie below.

Published on Aug 26, 2016

Watch the full movie “Rebecca” On http://www.ibakatv.com


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