What Koreans want you to know about their culture.

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Yaay! As some of you already know, Korea, let’s just say South Korea is getting so popular for their dramas and k-pop music for some years now. They have so many idols, dramas, and hit songs to be proud of. I think the greatest K pop hit song of all time is Gangnam Style by PSY. The music video for  Gangnam Style exceeded YouTube’s view limit, the site had to upgrade its counter.

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Korea has been divided into North Korea and South Korea since 1945. Both countries are not on absolutely good terms, and there’s no hope of their merging anytime soon. Most of what I’m going to be writing would be about South Korea.

Something that fascinates me about South Korea is their free WiFi hotspot which is so fast to connect to.  It is made available to people in places where one needs to instantly message a friend or colleague, if stranded, and the access goes as far as underground.


That is not all, Korean culture does not permit being disrespectful, you must bow down to 90 degree when you greet elders. They use words like: Oppa (오빠) = Older male (to females) | Unnie (언니) = Older female (to females) | Hyung (형) = Older male (to males) | Noona (누나) = Older female (to males), to show respect, even if the age gap is just 1 or 2 years.

Other interesting things include:

Alcohol Consumption


If you have ever seen a Korean drama, you should be able to relate to this one but if you haven’t seen one as yet, you are just about to be informed. This is the fact; Koreans and their soju drinks are intertwined, and if drinking too much alcohol in some countries is frowned at, that is not so in Korean culture. Work dinners have people drinking a lot, and the awesome ones are those who can withstand their alcohol. Getting drunk is not a big deal at all.



They are afraid of number 4, and that is because 4 has a similar sound as the word death in their language; they are very cautious when it comes to that . For them, it is as serious as using red ink to write someone’s name, which they also frown at too.

Modest Dressing

korean m

Korean women do not show cleavage, it is a no-no for a lady to do that, and as a lady you should not leave the bust area open. They want their women to be as modest as they can be. Displaying thighs is not a big deal though.

Plastic Surgery


Korean beauty standards are really interesting. It is a very common thing to get a plastic surgery done on your face, perhaps you want that perfect big eyes, symmetric  jawline, long teeth or wide forehead you have been fantasizing about? You can get all you want done for as low as $ 2,000-$3,000 in the nearest cosmetic center.

Korea can be said to be the plastic surgery capital of the world.

Star Craft Business


Star craft is a legitimate business in Korea, with pro gamers raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, in earnings in addition to endorsements. Since the game launched in 1998, nearly half of all games have been sold in South Korea, where boys, girls, men and women drop by for a night of gaming in giant video game parlors. There are even cable channels devoted solely to the games, and the culture has led to approximately 14% of Koreans between ages 9 and 12 suffering from Internet addiction, according to the National Information Agency.

Hardworking People


Koreans are workaholics, they do not shy away from staying up all night at work places  to get assignment done. The country has the highest education level in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, with 98% of the population completing secondary education, and 63% with a college education, that’s the height.



If you have ever heard of bromance, you would know that it means showing affection to a close guy friend. Walking along the streets with arms around each other is considered very normal in Korean culture since there are no strings attached.

And finally, unlike other countries where married women drop their father’s name and take on their husband’s surname, it is not so in Korea. Children take their father’s name but mother still have to retain her father’s surname and that I think is a very awesome idea.

South Korean culture is indeed interesting!

Which one caught you the most?






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