Slowing down in this fast-paced world.

Technology is taking over the world, cell phones, ipad, tablet and other advanced devices is an addiction to all of us,  people would stay quiet if you don’t give them food for few hours,but if withhold  WiFi for 10 minute be ready for some chew up. someone said and i quote ‘phones are getting smarter and slimmer and we getting dumber and fatter’ .


The world is getting busier and busier, buses and cars are  driving so fast to get to their destinations real quick, the faster you are to perform a task the efficient you are is our slogan, we do no take our time to think to make a decision, instant gratification from checking notification if someone replied out text fast is what makes sense to us, after all, they shouldn’t be that busy not come online often.

slowinngwe do not take our time to calm down and feel the moment because the best moment we experience is being online, checking something on google, no wonder we get stressed easily, fall into depression sometimes, because we have a false expectations of how we should be, behave, and perceive the world based on how we see other people and the world on gadget. These are all illusions because in real life no one is perfect, no one size fits all, in real life based on genetics and environmental conditions everyone is not skinny, no one has a perfect shape and it is our mind that makes someone weird or not.

How do we slow down? slowing down can be physical or mental, as one can assist the other, change in position and movement of the body can affect us mentally but for a very short time, am talking about slowing down mentally in a big picture, seeing reality for what it is, and not comparing ourselves to the model we see on screen, not basing our life decision on what everyone is doing.


I tried slowing down a bit in this fast paced world, detaching myself from instant gratification am used to and it wasn’t easy at first, meditation sounded very hard, but i said to myself that life is worth more than this;it is not what is expected of me but what i expect from myself through experiencing moment by moment is really what life is all about.

Life can’t be tamed, we can try all techniques we know to achieve something, if life is going to teach you a great lesson from the situation you would always experience it, i mean you, not your family nor friends but you as a person.

Internet surfing and engaging  in social media  is helpful, but to some extent. It is not just doing it but what we do learn from it that matters, sometimes we can’t always choose what we are exposed to but we can choose to modify it or not.


As stated above, i tried some relaxing techniques,which did some great job in calming me down that if life  wasn’t the one of technology, high paying Jobs, latest houses and machinery what would be our definition for happiness, wealth and success ? i slowed down my fast paced thinking of the mind that tells me if you are this or do this or be this then you would be feel good and only then you are a real success, it is not for us to lazy around and say manna would come from heaven so therefore we shouldn’t work hard, or live in the house of our dreams but am saying that, even if we get that which we want, humans are insatiable we always want more and more. Since, it occurs in that trend does it not occur to us that there’s something more than just fast paced life?

Let us all slow down to experience life…


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