Interracial relationship, Dare to Love, and be Brave to stay.


Have you been wondering if dating a person from another country or another race would be a bad idea? Perhaps you are giving yourself reasons not to do it. Maybe you don’t want to be the black sheep of your family, or the weird one among your friends. You might want to think twice.


Some of us, still hold back with whom we are in love with just because of some petty reasons. I’m not saying you should date every and any person, choices should be made, compatibility should be checked, and differences should be sorted out. But if it is because of a racial cause, you might miss the love of your life because of the narrow mindedness.

There is a beautiful couple I know, they are amazing, they’ve faced challenges together, and I’m sure they didn’t shy away from sharing vulnerabilities. One more interesting thing about them is that, the woman had  4 children before they got married, and that was not even an excuse for them to put an end to their love life.

alena Meet Alena Maze and Joe Lee

They were married in 2014, and they have one son.Add the four children she had before marriage, that gives them a family with five children. Alena, African American, is a mathematician and PhD candidate, and Joe, Korean, is a photographer and photo journalist. They first met in high school, but reconnected later in life and fell in love. Another great story of love, trumping race!

Alena and Joe are both good Christians, and they have a family life that’s worthy of emulation.  I really love Alena, the wife. She motivates me. She has a fine mind, and a beautiful soul. She’s enterprising, down to earth , caring as far as it could go to her family.

alena kidss

I still find it hard to believe that she works two jobs all day, and she’s in school full time. Like, how on earth does she do that? And her family shows no sign of neglect, I think she’s amazing. Every time I watch their kids, I see how great the family she’s built is. She’s an interesting character, and she even plays basketball really good.

alena kids

Alena is a woman who has overcome a lot, the academic failure she encountered back during her secondary school, was the maths she failed. Only a few would not shy away from something that you failed once and tame it. Now, she’s a PhD candidate in Maths. I can go on and on about this amazing woman, and the awesome family she has. I’ve got to say, she’s such an inspiration!

You might want to check their YouTube channel: mazelee.

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