In Search Of Happiness…


It’s another beautiful evening, I sat down quietly on my bed, allowing my lower part to sink into the mattress, then I gave a heavy sigh. Since I have been meditating daily, core breathing has been so unconscious .

I reflected back on the journey so far, and for someone as deep as I am, I need this quite often than normal. From when I thought I wasn’t good enough, to when I saw myself in another light. I would literally believe the negative thoughts, and filter out the positive thoughts about myself. It doesn’t change reality neither does it make me feel a little better, but I still do it.

The worst thing one can do to oneself is to believe, and accept every comment directed at you. Some comments might be right, some might be wrong and some could just be neutral, it is not perfect out there too and no one knows it all.


I continued reflecting, and I remembered something else, the time when I was in search of happiness. The million dollar question is: what really intrigued me to write about this topic? I was among those that thought happiness could be found in material things, it actually could. Material things give us happiness too, but that is not the happiness I’m talking about. This happiness is not the one money can buy, neither is it the one that family and friends have to give you, it is the happiness that can be given to oneself by oneself.


The great news is that, it is not only when you have a great day that you can experience it. Even in the midst of a not so good moment, you can still tap into this infinite gift we all have. To me, happiness is a gift given to all men.


So I realized that, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, not problems, the past, future, sadness, not even grief in life, that’s great enough to steal our happiness. Do you know why such things mean a lot to us, why they scare, hurt, and annoy us? Maybe you don’t.

It’s all starts in the mind, our mind create its image, then we automatically think it is our own reality. We believe it, dwell on it, accept it and we start behaving, talking, and living in that pattern. Knowing this fact, I decided to do something about my thoughts. I unlocked my thoughts, freed them, and allowed them to pass. I acknowledged that my thoughts would come and go, so I stopped holding on to them.

Each time there’s a saddening thought, I slow down, I begin to fidget, my heart starts racing and I start to feel uncomfortable, just like anyone else that has had a moment of bad memory. As I calm down, and see it as just a thought, and not my reality, I realize nothing is happening, and it is just my mind giving me a sad scenario. I just allow it pass, instead of just believing every single negative thought.


Happiness is subjective.

When I was done with my reflection session, I decided to share this.


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