The Drainers…


It’s a beautiful morning, you decide to go out to the mall, school, work, or to see a friend. You see a very good-looking young lady or a young man; you’d like them to be your friend so, you walk up to them. The conversation starts like this:

You: Hello, what’s your name?

Other person: Alien,  replied, with a smile)…

You hold a very good conversation, exchange numbers, and feel you’ve got a friend. On your way home, you feel strange. What’s wrong? You ask yourself.

You might feel the need to be friends with everyone, you like feeling of meeting new people and have great interpersonal relationship but you still need to be careful.


After the conversation you had, you notice you are tensed, worried, sad, and could go as far as causing muscle pain. Then, you start thinking out loud. ‘there’s nothing that could have stressed me out, I woke up feeling energetic, I was so happy meeting new people. How is it that I’m so drained? I’ve no energy left’. That probably sounds familiar to someone. Just in case you didn’t know, you have just met the ENERGY VAMPIRE!

draiin 2

The Drainers. You might feel the need to be friends with everyone, you like feeling of meeting new people and have great interpersonal relationship but you still need to be careful.We know that vampires suck blood. These don’t suck blood, they suck your energy, leaving you with little or no energy. It doesn’t show on their faces that they could cause you  harm. If you know someone who every conversation or time spent you have with them or just their presence makes you feel like weak. Something about this person doesn’t feel right, please just take the exit door, that’s the best thing to do.

The venting machine, have you had a friend that uses you as an avenue to vent? You carry their burden, and it feels like you are the one with the problem and not them. There is a difference between having a bad day and always having a bad day, you don’t always have to be with someone that always vent at you

Some people who act as though things were more worse than they really are, this kind of person  exaggerate situations with the know-it-all attitude.A person who wants to the attention  in order to feel empowered is draining.

The disagreeable person – to this person, nothing is said right, you perception is faulty to this kind of person ,this person has a standard that everyone has to live by in order or you to be correct, unless you accept their point there is nothing you have or do is pleasing,  you are always doing it wrong as far as they are concerned.

There is a clear difference between someone who says how you can be better, while appreciating the good in you, and someone who would find faults in everything you do.  These people are going to make you get frustrated as long as you decide to entertain them.

Someone who manipulate  might seem persuasive at first, but when you get to really know them, they are the kind of persons that would slowly eat you up.  and they always want things to work according to their plans, interests, and feelings… They want you to do something for them even if it is against your wish.

I now protect my energy like a gold, i realized i can’t take such behavior at heart, moreover i can choose to walk away or stay.







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