Baking soda is the common name for sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO3). We see it lying around the house, and we know it as a baking ingredient. But truth be told, we’ve not really considered the vast uses it could have. There are tons of benefits of Baking Soda, that just adding it to your daily regimen can make a great difference in your life. I’m pretty excited to take you on a short ride to the world of baking soda, where you would find out some of its amazing benefits. So, fasten your seat belts!


Baking soda can serve as a deodorizer for your armpit. Oh! Yeah, I bet you were surprised. You didn’t expect it, right? It is alkaline, and can be helpful in balancing our body pH. It reduces, and eradicates offensive smell that armpit can give. How do you make this work for you? It’s so simple. After bathing, apply small amount thoroughly on your underarms. If you wish, you can also apply your body spray, then, you are good to go. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about the sweaty day ahead, baking soda got your back.👍

baking soda 3

Baking soda can be a powerful tool for whitening the teeth, and killing some odor causing bacteria. We are usually exposed to volatile, sulfur compound-producing bacteria, which can cause bad breath. These bad breath gases (VSCs), are not just offensive but are actually toxic, and they can promote the body’s attempt at self-protection, inflammation. VSCs also lead to the production of a protein called high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), known to be a promoter of heart disease and blood clots. It’s a great idea to add baking soda to your regimen, in order to get rid of this bacteria. Although baking soda is not enough to fight them without proper oral checkups from the dentist, it would sure help to eliminate odor to a large extent. This would surely boost your confidence when talking.

It can also be used to Unclog, especially when used with vinegar in your kitchen or bathroom sink. To do this, pour hot water to the clogged sink, mix a good amount of baking soda with vinegar, then pour the baking soda mixture into the sink. There you go! An interesting way to keep the plumber away.

This trick is for cat owner. It’s an amazing way to deodorize your cat litter, to get rid of the pungent smell it gives off. By adding a little amount of baking soda along with your litter cleaning routine, you can get a fresh scent, and even kill some of the bacteria that might have colonized the medium.

baking soda 4 Baking soda can be used to prevent smelly shoes, be it caused by the sweat absorbed by socks, or any other factor contributing to smelly feet and shoes. It is never pleasant, when you remove your footwear, and the entire room ooze. Pouring baking soda into your footwear can help you manage that odor, keeping you fresh all day long.

I hope you would try one or two of these tricks.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


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